Watering Guide

Your watering schedule will vary depending on soil and weather -- Always water slowly and deeply


Sandy, well-drained soil – water twice a week (every 3-4 days)


Loam soil –water approximately every 5 days until established (30 days) then once a week


Clay soil – water approximately every 5-7 days until established (30 days) then once every 10-14 days

This watering schedule is for an average 70-degree day.


With hot and /or windy conditions you will need to water more frequently


With cooler or rainy conditions, you will water less often.

All plants especially evergreens need to be watered deeply before our first freeze, Evergreens may need additional soakings throughout our winter months that are dry, and the ground is not frozen.

Remember all plants need water just as they need oxygen. So, keep in mind when watering your plants you do not over water – (watering to frequently) As this Eliminates the oxygen and stops the uptake of water and nutrients.  Note: You cannot water too much at once but you can water too often!


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