Planting Guide

1.  Dig hole twice the width and only as deep as the top of soil line in the pot or burlap wrapped plants


   Helpful hit: after you dig your hole, first fill your hole ˝ way with water and let drain. This will give you an idea what type of soil you have, and if you need to make changes in your drainage.

2.  Place plant in hole. Filling it ˝ way with soil, bed in with finger tips


Note: Make sure your plant is standing straight in all 4 directions.


Note: make sure ALL twine and burlap is pulled away from trunk of tree.

3.  Water in ˝ filled hole. This will help the settling of soil (air pockets)

4.  Fill rest of hole with soil and water in again. Then stake if needed.


You can form a dike around the outside of the planting hole


Placing mulch or rock mulch around your plant will help control soil temperature and moisture. This will help you stay consistent with your watering schedule.


We recommend cedar bark 4” deep inside the dike area but not piled against the stem.




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